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Fixture Repair & Replacement

Toilet Service, Installation & Repair

At T. M. Caldwell Plumbing, Inc., we offer toilet repair and installation services to help you with any size project, from fixing a leaky toilet to helping with a whole bathroom remodel. We also have the information you need to help you choose the new toilet for your application. Don’t put off toilet repairs until there is an emergency because nothing ruins a weekend like a malfunctioning toilet. And don’t waste time on do-it-yourself projects that could take hours to complete. Instead, call our expert local Hickory plumbers for fast, efficient service. We even offer high efficiency, low flow toilets to help conserve the water wasted by older models. Give us a call to come and assess your needs, and get an estimate on updating to a water saving toilet model that uses fewer gallons per flush.

Sink Plumbing

Because the sink you choose for your application is personal, it is important to get not only one in a style that suits you but also a sink model that is long lasting and expertly installed. At T. M. Caldwell Plumbing, Inc., we have the experience to assure your sink is installed with attention to detail. We can make recommendations as to the best manufacturers with our superior industry knowledge, and we’ll complete the process from start to finish, removing the old sink and installing the new one, including faucets and garbage disposals.

Faucet Repair & Installation

Watching home improvement shows give the impression that faucet repair and replacement are do-it-yourself jobs, but since they are sponsored by home improvement stores, they are geared as a sales ploy. When you attempt to repair your faucet, you could find a difficult project on your hands because there is more than one type of faucet, and some are quite complex. At T. M. Caldwell Plumbing, Inc., we can help you with all types of faucets, making repairs or installations quick and easy.

We are experts with:

  • Compression Faucets

  • Disk Faucets

  • Ball Faucets

  • Cartridge Faucets

  • Custom Faucets

  • Bath Valves

  • Shower Valves

Changing faucets and other fixtures can be a minor remodeling project that will refresh the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Our local Hickory plumbing technicians are here to help, trained to be detail oriented and qualified to make the repair or installation right the first time!

Garbage Disposals

While there are some quick, easy do-it-yourself style repairs for garbage disposals, some jobs really require expert assistance. Such instances include the undercutter becoming jammed, the hoses and seals leaking, or the impeller wearing out. Often the knowledgeable technicians at T. M. Caldwell Plumbing, Inc. can repair the damage to your existing garbage disposal unit. With the abuse we typically heap upon this device to avoid smelly leftovers in the trash, there are a number of other problems that may exist as well.

If your garbage disposal is beyond repair, we have the capability of helping you find and replace the model with a new garbage disposal installation. We can accomplish the job without making a mess and ensure the garbage disposal is functioning properly with trained experts performing the installation so that your unit works for years to come. Call us today to get an estimate on garbage disposal services!

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