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Commercial Water Heaters

In the commercial plumbing business,  water heaters can involve major service work, requiring expert knowledge in the field. At T. M. Caldwell Plumbing, Inc., we have years invested in our knowledge of commercial water heater repair, replacement, and installation. Our Hickory technicians are factory trained to install specific brands of commercial hot water heaters when possible, including tankless water heaters for energy conservation. We also provide water heater tune-ups to ensure your commercial water heater is functioning at top performance.

Water Heater Tune Ups

Your water heater should be inspected by a commercial plumber annually to avoid your unit using more and more energy through the years to heat the water. When a water heater isn’t serviced properly, sediment forms in the bottom of the tank and parts begin to corrode. A water heater tune-up from T. M. Caldwell Plumbing, Inc. assures you long-lasting performance and efficiency from your unit.

Tune ups include:

  • Check the safety relief valve

  • Test the emergency shutoff valve

  • Test the water temperature

  • Clean the burner assembly

  • Test the power supply

  • Test the emergency gas shutoff valve (where applicable)

  • Test the flu draft

  • Check the flu piping

  • Check CO2 levels

  • Test water pressure

  • Check for leaks and corrosion

  • Test the electric elements

Bear in mind that the cost of a check-up for your commercial water heater actually more than pays for itself in energy savings while also reducing the possibility of needing to repair or replace the unit for years to come. 

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